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Server update for US Server 6-23 on 2016/8/04 @2:00am

Time : 2016-08-04 00:40

Dear Players:

We'll be having server update for US Server 6-23 on 2016/8/04 @2:00am  


1. Elevated the maxium character level from Lv.80 to Lv.85;

2. Added new main quests up to Lv.85, including 5 new instances;

3. Added new equipments for Lv.85;

4. Added the seventh difficulty of Elite Instance, from which Lv.85 equipments scrolls can be obtained;

5. Enriched the maxium stage of Space Battle from stage 100 to stage 105;

6. The new hero Gabriel's Fragments are now available in the Shop

The update will last approximately for 2hours. During this period, you'll not be able to log-in the Goddess of War. Please log-out the game prior to the start of maintenance in order to avoid any inconvenience. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your support.

Goddess of war Operating Team