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US Server Merge on 2016/07/29 @ 0:00~3:00 am

Time : 2016-07-28 20:55

Dear Players:

To provide you with a more enjoyable gaming experience and to provide more competition, we're going to Merge Servers on 2016/07/29 @0:00~3:00 am  for estimated 3 hours. During this time, the server will be down and you cannot play the game. The servers that will be merged are as followed:

US:  S17,S18,S19 will merge together.

I.  Basic Rules

1.   Server Entrance remains unchanged. Player will still login the game at the entrance where they used to be.
      Ex. Player A have character A1 at server S5. Player A will still need to login though S5 when login 
Goddess of War

2.   When players top-up after server merge, they still select the same server as before.
      Ex: Player A creates character in S2, then after Server Merge player A still needs to top-up in S2

3.  If players have the same name within the server, a prefix that indicates their original server will be added on their in game name
    Ex: John from S1 and S2 has shared the same name, after the merge their name will be distinguished as: S1-John & S2-John

4.   All Ranking Data will be RESET.

II. Rules on guild

1.All status of a guild transfer to new server.
2. If duplicate guild name occurs, please contact
3.Guild War will be reset

III. Special Rules

1. After Server merge, VIP level and Gold will remain unchanged as before.
2. Process of Recharged will remain unchanged.
3. Server Merger Event will start after the merging took place.

Goddess of War Operating Team